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Untitled #507 by paolandreasc featuring a pave ring
Untitled #506 by paolandreasc featuring leather sandals
Untitled #505 by paolandreasc featuring black handbags
Hi, I have an acting school audition tomorrow, could you please post some outfit ideas? Thanks x

keep an eye out on the next outfits I’m gonna start posting :) x


Isn't Sophia's kimono that she wore in the pic that quotes "the lame sister" the h&m one?

It looks like it :) x


How would you describe Sophia's hair color and cut now ? X

Dark brown and I believe it’s layered. x


In the pic Sophia took that quotes "the lame sister" what are her exact sunglasses she's wearing there? Prada? Or rayban? Can you link me xxxx

She is wearing the Prada ones. x


tomqueens: sophiaxsmith the lame sister

Sophia today in Las Vegas (Liam in the back)

I love how sophia took a full black outfit and a full white outfit and spiced it up with her topshop sliders! Her style is my favorite! She should wear white more often, it looks amazing with her skin tone


Yes I loved her all white outfit with the camel accessories. Black suits her very well but I’m glad she doesn’t always wear black and accessorize it very good. She’s a beauty and her dark hair and tanned skin looks amazing with white. I think you remember when she wore the white jumpsuit by missguided last year she had brighter hair and it didn’t quite looked as stunning as the outfit she wore in her current Twitter icon or the all white outfit to the concert. But I think she can wear everything and it will look gorgeous so I’m excited what the future holds :)

Lots of love


Pasadena, California Rose Bowl II September 12, 2014

Sophia was seen at the concert in Pasadena wearing these exact Topshop HEAT Pool Sliders, this exact Zara Oversize Boat Neck Sweater and these exact sold out Wildfox Friday Night Shorts.

Thanks to the anon for letting us know about the shorts:)

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